HTML Document Construction- HTML Document Head and HTML Document Body Section

HTML Document Construction- HTML Document Head and HTML Document Body Section-Instructions given to browsers in the form of an HTML is called an HTML document. It start with the opening or starting HYML tag <HTML> and end with the closing or end Html tag </HTML> i.e. the entire HTML document is placed between these tags. A standard HTML document consists of two sections, the <head> and the <body> tags. The <head> element container all the head elements information about the page that you don’t necessarily see like the meta keywords meta description or title of a page..
HTML Head Section, HTML Body Section

The <head> element can include a title for the document, scripts, styles, meta information, and more. The body section consists all the contents of an HTML document, such as text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists, etc.

Most of the HTML documents principally consists of Two main parts or sections –

(1) The Head Section

(2) The Body Section.


The Head Section of an HTML document

The Entire head section is placed between <head> and </head> tags. These tags are placed between <html> and </html> tags. The head section of the web pages contains the stuff which is not displayed in results directly by the web browsers. In head section Java script code, Meta of pages, Title of the page to be displayed on the top of the browser window, links of other file containing java script and CSS are included. Mostly following tags are included in the head tag - 

The <base> tag- This tag is used as a reference to the links on the page and specified with href attribute like “<base href="http://www............ />” without a closing tag

The <link> tag – This tag is used without an end tag to define relation between another document most common use is call external style sheets(See the example-“<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/style.css" />”).


The <meta> tag – This tag describes the page, refreshes it automatically after a certain period, controls the display in its real frame page. The page author, page content description and software used to create the page are also described by this tag. That’s why this tag is called one of the most important tag. This tag also does not have a closing tag(See the example-“<meta name="electronics" content="Mobile, Laptop, UPS" />”)


The <script> tag – Scripts are placed on a web page using a <script> tag along with its type attribute to specify the language of the script.(See the example-“<script type="………"> document.write("…………."); </script>).


The <style> tag – This tag is used with a ‘type’ attribute set to ‘text/css’ to declare the content type and internal style sheet. (See the example – “<style type="text/css"> h1 { color: #003390; } </style>”)


The <title> tag – This tag is used to declares the title of a webpage to be displayed in the top left corner of the web browser.(See the example – “<title>This is my page title</title>


The Body Section of an HTML document

The second part of an HTML document is the BODY section. The entire body section is placed between <body> and </body> tags. These tags must be placed between the <HTML> and </HTML> tags but out of the <head> section. This section is the main part of an HTML document and almost all the tags are placed in this section. In brief the body section of a basic HTML document comprises of the following tags.


<a> To define the internal links, external links and links of the Subdirectories.


<br /> It is used to define a single line break.

<code> This tag is used to define the computer code on the text base.

<div> It defines the division sections.

<form> This tag defines the HTML form for use in input documents

<frame> Defines the individual parts.

<hr /> Used to define horizontal lines.

<p> Defines the web document’s paragraphs.

<pre> To define preformatted texts.

<span> Defines sections.

<table> Defines table.

<textarea> Used to define the multiline text.


The broad layout of an html document will be like this -


All the tags mentioned above under the para “The Head Section 
of an HTML document” will be placed here.


All the tags mentioned above under the para “The Body Section 
of an HTML document” will be placed here 


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