How to Remove Fake Antivirus Win 8 Protection win 10 protection

How to Remove Fake Antivirus Win 8 Protection win 10 Protection-The totally fake software ‘Win 8 Protection 2014’ is so nicely designed that at first instance it appears to be an authentic software specifically designed to safeguard computers against potential threats in real-time protection, but the reality is much bitter. Instead of protecting you from other threat ‘Win 8 Protection 2014’ itself will prove to be a great threat. It has no association with standard antivirus and widely recognized as a rogue security software. 


Win 8 Protection win 10 Protection


It is developed by the cyber criminals particularly for grabbing some money a dishonest way and stealing the sensitive information of the victim for onward sale to other cyber criminals.


How the Fake Antivirus Win 8 Protection 2014 works

  • It displays bogus security warning pop-up notifications about non existing threats just to mislead users and create doubts in their minds that their machines have been infected by intractable security issues.
  • Win 8 Protection 2014 encourages victims to purchase their copies to enjoy the ultimate protection(In real they will get its fake license).
  • After getting installed and initialized, Win 8 Protection 2014 creates its malignant registry files and code to significantly make modification in system configuration, including the Master Boot Record (MBR) – one kernel part of system controlling the operating system’s boot loader as well as the storage device’s partition table.
  • Win 8 Protection 2014 will load automatically every time the victim boots his windows and implement its damaging activities automatically.
  • Win 8 Protection 2014 may slow down the speed of your PC or effect the whole performance of system.
  • It mat occupying high memory space resulting in high CPU utilization.
  • Win 8 Protection 2014 may steal victim’s sensitive data, passwords, personal identify information, credit card data and online banking data.

How the Fake Antivirus Win 8 Protection 2014 comes to your system

  • Win 8 Protection 2014, particularly target computers using Win 8 compatible systems, both 32-64.
  • Usually, Win 8 Protection 2014 is distributed through affected websites, spam email attachments.
  • By clicking an unknown link already infected by Win 8 Protection 2014.
  • It may come bundled with any free software shared on networks.

How to remove the Fake Antivirus Win 8 Protection 2014

Though Win 8 Protection 2014 can be removed manually but it needs high skills and also it is a highly risky process. Even a single wrong step may spoil your system therefore try to remove it with the help of an expert or using a reliable antivirus/antimalware to remove it but in no condition let it remain in your PC.


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