Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar-Actions, Detection and Removal

Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar-Actions, Detection and Removal

Inbox Toolbar is a browser add-on which claims to improve your browsing experience but in fact it is a browser hijacker, and enters your computers together with malware. It is downloaded to your PC without your consent and knowledge. Then immediately get installed to your browsers. Its main targets are world’s famous browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Then, it changes all your browser’s settings and default search without your consent. It will land you to unknown and insecure pages developed by hackers to spread infections and steal sensitive and financial information. It is a real serious security problem. anti-virus software have detected malware in Inbox Toolbar.


Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar-Actions, Detection and Removal

Symptoms of Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar

· Inbox Toolbar adds shortcuts to your Internet browsers.

· Your default search will be changed to

· Your home page will be changes to

· Pop-up messages taking you to unknown pages will be 

· All your searches will be redirected to unknown pages with a 
lot of sponsored links.

· Try to makes its own removal a difficult task.

· Automatically changes your bookmarks.

How to remove Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar

When you detect the presence of the browser hijacker Inbox Toolbar take it as an emergency alert against the possible attacks of cyber criminals and remove Inbox Toolbar from your system to protect your information and system. Immediately run a full system scan on your system with a reliable and effective AntiVirus software. Almost all reputed AntiVirus software will detect and remove Inbox Toolbar alongwith any other threats and infections that may have entered your system through the browser hijacker Inbox Toolbar. 


Follow these simple steps to detect Browser Hijacker Inbox Toolbar and remove it manually


· Go to the settings of your browser and open the Tools tab.


· Click Options>Click Add-ons.


· Locate Inbox Toolbar and Disable it.


· Click Control Panel>Click Add/Remove Programs in windows XP and Uninstall a program in windows 7.


· Locate and Remove Inbox Toolbar.



· Go to your browser’s settings and choose a home page and default search of your choice.


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