Google Chrome-11 Most Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome-11 Most Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Google Chrome is one of the three most used web browsers(Other two are Mozilla Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer). There some tricks by using which we ourselves can make it better and work easy and faster. It is very fasterr and secure browser and some of the features are very attractive but some of the users may not be using these features. Though the list of Google Chrome features is large but 11 most useful tips and tricks are given below which will certainly help working easy and faster. You need not to apply any additional effort, any download or installation to use these features -

Google Chrome-11 Most Useful Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Set your own keyboard shortcuts in Chrome

In addition to the shortcuts already set by default in Google Chrome, it also allows you to set your own shortcuts. Just go to Chrome, click ‘More Tools’, click ‘Extensions’, go to bottom and click ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’

Delete web history selectively in Chrome

By default chrome does not provide ‘select all’ option while deleting web history and we have to check each box to be deleted individually from the chrome history log. In such case this trick will save your tine, If you want to delete the entries from fifteenth to 35th, just click and select the box of 20th entry, now press and hold the shift key and click the box of 35th entry. All entries from 20th to 35th will be checked. Now press delete. This trick can be used to delete entire history also.

Convert your Chrome into a Text Editor

You can use Google Chrome as a fine text  editor. Just open a new tab ad paste this small string excluding brackets(data:text/html,<html contenteditable>) in the address bar. Your Chrome will work as a text editor.

Go Straight to Google Cache Version

Access to a cached version is very easy. If you are on a web page click address bar and write ‘cache:’ before the address and click ‘Enter’, it will instantly take you to Google Cache.



Save Pages in PDF Format in Chrome

Goole Chrome contains a very good PDF writer. To save a page in PDF format press ‘Ctrl+P’ and select ‘Save as PDF’.(MAC users use ‘CMD+P’ instead of ‘Ctrl+P’)

Don’t Share or Fake your location in Chrome

Web sites  share your locations through browsers, but you can opt not to share or give a false  location. Just open the console by pressing Esc. in ‘Developer Tools’ and enter fake longitude and latitude.

Use mobile Version on slower Internet connections

Mobile version is light  weight or small in size so it may improve the speed. Open ‘Developer Tools’ them ‘Emulation Tab’ and select either ‘IOS’ or ‘Android’. Screen and Device Emulation must be off.

You can Install Third Party Extensions in Chrome

Google chrome allows to install only the extensions approved by Google but you can install third party extensions too. Just go to Chrome Extensions, enable developer mode. Now drag the ‘.crx’ file of the extension and drop it into Chrome.



If your Chrome has gone slower

If you are using Chrome for hours, it may go slow. Its may work normal by restarting but some times it does not improve. Go to tools>Task Manager, select the websites or Extensions consuming more memory and click End process.

Delete unwanted URL Suggestions in Chrome

While we start typing in the address bar it starts suggesting other matching URLs. This is based on our web history. By clearing the history all these  URLS will be removed. To delete one auto complete URL highlight it in the drop down list and press Shift+Delete.


View your Saved passwords in Chrome

If you want to view your passwords saved by Google Chrome go to chrome://settings/passwords, highlight the password you want to view and click show.

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