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Illegal Activities to Avoid or face blog suspension deletion or a permanent ban

Illegal Activities on Blogger to Avoid or face Blog suspension deletion or a permanent ban

Google Blogger is a very popular publishing platform used by Millions of Blogger but it has drafted its terms and condition very strictly. Blogger not only expects its members to follow these terms strictly but blogger itself also follows these terms strictly. Blogger provides a free platform to its members to communicate and express themselves. Blogger is owned by Google and Google uphold its image of quality, social standards, human rights and safety standards everywhere. In case bloggers violate any of the Google's terms and condition they will be dealt seriously as per their terms and conditions. 

Illegal Activities on Blogger to Avoid or face Blog suspension deletion or a permanent ban

The actions taken by Google against defaulter members include suspend or permanently delete their blogs, debar them forever and even report the matter to law enforcement authorities. If you do not want Google to proceed against you, please strictly avoid the following actions –

Illegal activities through your blog

Blogger are certainly aware about what the illegal activity mean. Any sort of illegal activity, like appreciating a drug or alcohol consumption, is illegal. As a general rule what is considered to be illegal in the society is illegal in blogger TOS also.

Adult content on your Blog

Anything about natural sex or unnatural sex which is not accepted as a matter to be discussed openly in the society is an adult content in other words pornography and Google terms and conditions has strict rules, strict laws against pornography and adult content. Although Google may not directly denounce it, but you still need to mark your blog as 'adult' in your Blogger settings, otherwise it won't be treated differently. However, you will not be allowed by Google, to make money off adult content.


Hate speech on your Blog

As per Google’s terms and condition. Promoting racism, and hate against a specific group religious or ethnic or an other type of group is considered to be a crime, and it is not tolerated at all by Google. Though Hate speech or other similar activities are not uncommon in the web world but it has never been appreciated by Google.

According to law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group.

Gore or presenting thrilling, staggering scene on your blog

As per Google’s terms and condition you are not allowed to upload images, videos, or other graphical content or present thrilling, staggering scene on your blog that contains gore, or the contents causing disturbance to some people. Horrifying accident scenes or scene of getting someone killed by someone, are some of the examples of the contents to be avoided at all.

Violation of Copyright Rules

As per the Copyright Rules one who has written an article or has created something, He is the owner of that creation and no one  can copy or reproduce that creation. It is his prerogative to allow others to copy and reproduce it or not. If you use the creation of someone else as a part or whole without his proper consent, it will be clear Violation of Copyright Rules. Google never accepts Violation of Copyright Rules and as a result your rank may be lowered, your Google AdSense account may be suspended and if it is done repeatedly it may result in the deletion of your blog.

Breach of some one’s privacy

Google deals privacy of every one very strictly. You are not allowed to publish someone's sensitive information without his proper permission before publishing it. Posting of some one’s bank details or credit/debit credit card numbers which may cause him severe financial loss and personal phone numbers, or other contact information are considered to be a severe breach of privacy,

Promoting Violence on your blog

Promoting any type of Violence or other related activities on your blog is strictly prohibited. Google’s services are available and used all over the world by people irrespective of their geographic and demographic status. Therefore promoting violence on a blog may not be suitable to any one, therefore always avoid to Publish anything like violence.

Spamming Through your blog

Spam is something like sending unsolicited messages and resending the same message indiscriminately or flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, mostly used by illegitimate advertisers. Spamming is totally unacceptable not only by Google, but all other standard search engines that’s why Google always try its best to keep spammers away from its system.

Child Safety

Google has a 'zero tolerance' when it comes to the content manipulating or harm children. It is strictly against child pornography and paedophilia, and if anything related to child pornography and paedophilia is detected the blogger promoting such stuff  his account maybe terminated immediately.

Spreading Malware through your blog

Virus and malware are a curse to the web world. No site, No blog and no individual user likes a malware in his system. The same way Google takes initiatives to keep malware out of its system. If your site is infected by a virus, beware and remove it immediately. If you are involved with spreading malware, certainly you must be ready to face the risk of inadvertently getting banned by Google.

Software distributing activities

Though software distribution is not an offence, but you need to have a valid license  to distribute the copies from the company or person who owns the rights of that particular software otherwise you will be violating the laws. Google himself does not breaks laws and expects the same from his members, so if you will indulge in such activities, your blog will always be in danger.

Music downloads

Music download will mostly be endangering activity because their licensing procedure is rather difficult and very costly as every owner will have rights of a limited number of songs or tunes and costs very high. Thus distribution of music with a valid license will cost the blogger many folds higher than the earnings and distributing without a valid license will be against Google’ terms.

Harassing Others

Using the Blogger platform to harass or bully others is a criminal offence. Google may remove or delete your blog and can ban you permanently. Online harassment is illegal at every places and can also result in serious offline consequences.

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